Jehan Bseiso
Jehan Bseiso is a Palestinian poet, researcher and aid-worker currently based in Cairo. Born in Los Angeles, she grew up in Jordan and studied in Lebanon. Bseiso is currently working on a collection of poems entitled Conversations Continued. It is a compilation of real, read more
Soheir Asaad
Tali’at: Our Struggle to Reclaim Politics
Our national struggle has yet to develop a radical, non-hierarchical understanding of liberation
Poem: Tahrir
Jehan Bseiso | It means one day we will set ourselves free.
Poem: For Young Arab Lovers*
Jehan Bseiso | *This title recalls and subverts the Western gaze
Poem: Requiem for Raqqa
Jehan Bseiso | A by Jehan Bseiso in response to Friday's chemical attack on Raqqa
Poem: Houna Baghdad
Jehan Bseiso | Babylon is burning, the hanging gardens are black.
Poem: This World Can’t Home.
Jehan Bseiso | This World Can’t Home. Part 1 The Interview   What did you tell them?     I told
Poem: Arab Spring, Arab Sink.
Jehan Bseiso | Arab Spring, Arab Sink. (1) My friend called me from Sanaa, from Gaza, from Sinai, from Homs.She said: 
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