Jahd Khalil
Jahd is a Cairo-based journalist who has contributed to the Los Angeles Times, Al-Monitor, Deustche Welle, and other outlets.
Birthmark as colonial inspiration: Shady Elnoshokaty at Gypsum
Jahd Khalil | About five minutes in, each piece of art began triggering thoughts about my own moles.
History’s scribe
Jahd Khalil | On certain momentous days, only three men know the headline of the flagship state newspaper Al-Ahram
An artwork of scales and planes
Jahd Khalil | After experiencing The Surface of Spectral Scattering, you’re unsure whether to think of the universe
The old regime rallies around Sisi
Jahd Khalil | Waiting for a chartered jet at Cairo Airport earlier this month, brothers Mostafa and Mahmoud Bakry schmoozed
From Minya, after the verdict
Jahd Khalil | In the small, rural towns of Minya, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. So it was odd
Meet Egypt’s next would-be president
Heba Afify and Jahd Khalil |   In just 17 months, Field Marshall Abdel Fattah al-Sisi went from little-known colonel general
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