Isabel Esterman
Isabel Esterman holds Master's degrees in Journalism and Asian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Before somehow winding up in Egypt in 2011, she worked and studied in Indonesia, the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia, never suspecting read more
Isabel Esterman
IMF conditionality: Does it even matter?
Does it really matter whether austerity policies are dictated by the IMF, or are the result of officials
Isabel Esterman
On Giulio and the cost of doing business in Egypt
I did not know Giulio Regeni, but I could have. The earnest, affable face staring out of his photographs
Isabel Esterman
Before talking tourism, Egypt needs to put its house in order
The sight of the great pyramids of Giza looming suddenly above the urban chaos of the Haram district
Brace yourselves for higher electricity prices
Isabel Esterman | Bills for most household consumers in Egypt will go up by at least a third, according to new electricity
What Hillary Clinton’s VP candidate has to say about Egypt
Isabel Esterman | What has presumed Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's running mate US Senator Tim
A visual guide to the 2016/17 budget
Isabel Esterman | Egypt’s Ministry of Finance has released a breakdown of revenue and spending in the budget for the
Is it safe to drink the tap water in Cairo?
Isabel Esterman | How safe is Cairo's tap water? What filters are worth the money? Read advice from experts.
Behind the photo ops, an increasingly tense Egypt-US relationship
Isabel Esterman | From Cairo, it can be easy to feel like the United States is an enthusiastic supporter of Egypt’s government,
Q&A with Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Part 2
Isabel Esterman and Osama Diab | In the second part of a two-part interview at Mada Masr’s office in Cairo, the author of bestseller
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