Hessen Hossam
The reductive realism of Capernaum
Hessen Hossam | The world of Nadine Labaki’s Oscar-nominated Capernaum (2018) feels a little bit too chaotic
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Night They Arrested Fatima
Hessen Hossam | Hessen Hossam reflects on Henry Barakat’s The Night They Arrested Fatima, 1984
From traffic jams and cake to depressive teenagers: Highlights of the 3rd Zawya Short Film Festival
Hessen Hossam | Mada Masr reviews several of the films screened at the Zawya Short Film Festival
A battle for existence: How the combined forces of censorship and security shaped Egypt’s music scene in 2017
Hessen Hossam | The restrictions imposed by the state on musicians in 2017 have been wider than ever in scope
Scary Mother: An insightful look at the horrors of the artistic process
Hessen Hossam | An introspective look at the artistic process and the overwhelming power that imagination can possess
The other side of refugee dramas: Kaurismäki’s perfectly orchestrated tragicomedy
Hessen Hossam | Kaurismäki’s treatment of the Syrian refugee crisis offers a simple, honest and relatable story
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