Heba Afify
Heba Afify, known in journalistic circles as H, is a news reporter who traveled between working for local and international newspapers. She covers a variety of topics from high to street politics and finds interest in both hanging out on read more
Heba Afify
Blog: The case against social obligations
As Ramadan approaches each year, I begin to get nervous about a phenomenon that is as characteristic
Heba Afify
30 hours of train trauma
As I hop on the Wednesday night Upper Egypt train from Cairo, I hear a newbie ask when we will get to
Heba Afify
When home is lost
In 2012, I met 67-year-old Ahmed Abdallah, a Nubian man who was among those displaced in 1963 to allow
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To count by the book: Who can say what happened beside the Wahat Road?
Heba Afify and Omar Said | The Wahat Road attack has ignited debate around the state's role in reporting on events
Battle over the Nile
Heba Afify | Residents face relocation as Warraq targeted in ongoing campaign to reclaim "illegally" occupied land
Copts, analysts dismiss church claims they can move freely in Sinai
Heba Afify and Karoline Kamel | Church representatives claim Copts can move freely in Sinai, contrary to reports on the ground
Mubarak’s trial comes to an underwhelming end: He is free
Heba Afify | The defense was based on a denial that any violence had occurred
North Sinai Copts face death or displacement in absence of security and tribal protection
Heba Afify | The circle of Coptic Christians in danger of targeted attacks widens in the absence of protection
Families of men killed in Arish say they are living with fear and injustice
Heba Afify | Citizens in Arish, North Sinai, are living in fear of forced disappearances
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Unprecedented civil action in Arish after security forces announce killing of 10 local youths
Law passed to protect parliament from dissolution
Sinai: States of fear
Power of arrest: Who has it, what can they do with it?
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