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Edmund Bower
Edmund Bower is a British journalist based in Cairo. His main focus is on lifestyle and culture, but he has also written on politics and the environment.His work can be found at read more
Exorcism in Cairo: The last chance for the desperate
Edmund Bower | For years, 40-year-old Aisha Saeed has lived in misery. She regularly suffers from severe headaches and
With Western visitors staying away, Egypt courts Chinese tourists
Edmund Bower | Walking around the Egyptian museum, it is hard to imagine that just ten years ago this world famous attraction
El 7ara: How the other 95 percent lives
Edmund Bower | “Well, they have to wear the tarboosh. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, they
The child champions: Egypt gets a head start at squash
Edmund Bower | Squash is dominated internationally by young Egyptian players. With thousands on the waiting lists for
Egypt’s billionaires 80% richer than before the revolution