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Dalia Rabie
Dalia has a pragmatic perspective on things and has a way of telling it just like it is. This informs her professional practice, with all the humor and wit that characterize her personal interactions. Over the past eight years, she has read more
Is that a Pokémon in your frying pan?
Dalia Rabie | Nostalgic Pokemon fans in Egypt are going wild for Nintendo's new augmented-reality video game, Pokemon
Ramadan’s stand-out ads: Time to tone down the chauvinism, Birell
Dalia Rabie | The fake beer brought back its famous misogyny and strayed into homophobia too.
The thanaweya amma exams conundrum
Dalia Rabie | As it grapples with security issues and economic crises, Egypt faces another annual obstacle: how to
How will Egypt rein in its explosive population growth?
Dalia Rabie | Egypt’s population is growing at a rate five times higher than that of developed countries, and twice
Arts, crafts and cotton candy in Mada Market kids’ zone
Dalia Rabie | This article is part of a series we are running ahead of the second edition of our Mada Market to
The fight against human rights resurfaces
Dalia Rabie | Nancy Okail, former director of Freedom House's Egypt program and one of 43 defendants convicted of operating
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How effective is the EU Parliament resolution against Egypt?
Comics in Cairo metro stations rail against sexual harassment
Activists acquitted of incitement charges in Brotherhood HQ attack
HRW urges security to prevent violence
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After staggering defeat, is it lights out for the Nour Party?
Ahmed Badrawy | “God willing, the Nour Party from the first round!” the Salafi party’s supporters chanted during
Turnout low, violations high, Salafis optimistic as voting starts in Alexandria
Ahmed Badrawy | Salafi Dawah deputy head Yasser Borhamy cast his ballot in Alexandria’s Montaza district on Sunday,
Why is Sisi afraid of the Constitution and parliament?
Beesan Kassab | As parliamentary elections draw near, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi described the Constitution, two
Egypt and Russia: Walking a tightrope of diplomacy
Omar Said | The significance of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s recent visit to Russia lies less in the details
Decision to refer journalists to court puts Prosecutor General at odds with Journalists Syndicate
Omar Said | A decision by Prosecutor General Hesham Barakat to refer journalists to court on charges of publishing
Has justice jumped the gun?
Mohamed Hamama | The State Council Administrative Court was due to consider an appeal to halt the execution of six defendants
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Censorship of Al-Masry Al-Youm interview raises questions
State moves to relocate street vendors