Asmahan Soliman
Analysis: How Sisi has been sidelining his opponents
Asmahan Soliman | Sources reveal how Sisi has been handling opposition from the upper echelons of power
Sisi expresses ‘grave concern’ at close of Ethiopian-Egyptian summit
Asmahan Soliman | He said it is “necessary to work as soon as possible” to resume the required technical studies
Stalling negotiations on Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam
Asmahan Soliman | Persisting issues curb progress in negotiations between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Renaissance Dam
Putin visits Sisi: Dabaa power plant project to launch, but contracts not yet signed
Asmahan Soliman | There are said to be several concerns about the deal's technical and financial details.
The puzzling dismissal of Egypt’s top military commander
Asmahan Soliman | What we know about about the sidelining of Mahmoud Hegazy, formerly the military's second-in-command
How Egypt is fixing its North Korea ‘problem’
Asmahan Soliman | Egypt reportedly scales back relations with North Korea in attempt to sate US anger
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