Asmahan Soliman
Egypt at 72nd UN General Assembly: In global good graces?
Asmahan Soliman and Passant Rabie | “Sisi always has agendas that are set... It’s always an opportunity for him to present a PR pitch”
A diplomatic shake up with a taste of security
Asmahan Soliman | Diplomatic missions interrupted, others left unassigned, all based on security tips
After Regeni, ambassadors to return and state leaders to meet
Asmahan Soliman | September is a honeymoon period for Egypt and Italy as ambassadors return, and leaders expected to meet
An Egyptian-Israeli agreement: New maritime borders and Israeli gas imports for a reduced gas fine
Ahmed Saeed and Asmahan Soliman | Israel may reduce US$1.76 bn fine if gas import and maritime border requests are granted
Tensions with Sudan continue as Egypt’s foreign minister visits Khartoum
Asmahan Soliman | The Renaissance Dam and the Halayeb Triangle highlight the tensions between the two countries
Looking for friends in the west: The Cairo-Misrata talks in the shadow of the Gulf crisis
Asmahan Soliman and Lobna Monib | Libya engages with Misrata amid fragmentation
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Location of new Israeli Embassy in Cairo finalized as ambassador returns to Egypt