Amir Makar
Alan Kurdi: Between reportage and propaganda
Amir Makar | Amir Makar on the use of photographs in media and propaganda, from the "Afghan Girl" to Sisi and the
In photos: A visit to Cairo’s Flower Show
Jenifer Evans, Andeel and Amir Makar | It was our first-ever visit to the Ministry of Agriculture’s month-long annual Flower Show, which started
In photos: Dancers flood Sednaoui
Rowan El Shimi and Amir Makar | The building, in Cairo’s central Attaba district, was nationalized in 1961 but retains its original
In photos: Clowning around in Old Cairo
Rowan El Shimi and Amir Makar | It's rare to see a clown show in Cairo, never mind in one of Cairo's oldest streets, Al-Moez, and in
In photos: Classical music on Egypt’s balconies
Amir Makar and Rowan El Shimi | In four Egyptian cities over a weekend this month, one could be walking down the street and all of a