Alia Mossallam
  Alia Mossallam has two passions. One is working with children using colors, and the other is listening to people’s stories. Alia has recently completed a PhD that explores a popular history of Nasserist Egypt, through the stories told, and read more
Alia Mossallam
Beyond the din of the battle: Stories from the struggle for Port Said
Alia Mossallam tells personal accounts of the 1956 War in Port Said in contrast to the official narrative.
Alia Mossallam
A letter that won’t make it to prison
I hope that the few paragraphs I will choose out of this letter make it to you, and I hope that all I
Alia Mossallam
The prison in us
About a month ago I went to visit a friend in prison. It doesn’t matter who he or she was, since there
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An exchange of letters
Lina Attalah and Alia Mossallam |   January 23, 2014 Dear Lina, Adly Mansour is on TV. My father tells me, “It isn’t as bad