Ali Abdel Mohsen
Ali travels between journalism and arts and claims that one informs the other for him. He often writes long observational pieces that reflect on the social and the political, but he is to be feared when it comes to reviews read more
Murderers, thieves and conmen: The Maadi land controversy
Ali Abdel Mohsen | “Everything you see in front of you,” mutters Hajj Mohamed Abdel Raouf as he moves his finger across
Maadi demolition campaign turns fatal
Ali Abdel Mohsen | Tensions flared among residents of the informal neighborhood of Dar al-Salam on Monday, after a scheduled
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Love in the Refrigerator’
Ali Abdel Mohsen | Ali Abdel Mohsen on a howling stray dog of a sci-fi movie.
Out of gas
Ali Abdel Mohsen | The cab that took me to downtown Cairo on Saturday had a torso-sized Egyptian flag rising from the middle
An account of abuse in Rabea
Ali Abdel Mohsen | With its one-month anniversary around the corner and attacks on its participants only increasing, tensions
What’s in a president?
Ali Abdel Mohsen | Sure, the national anthem’s great and everything — but for an entire generation of Egyptians there’s
The killing of Islamist protesters: State censorship or self-censorship?
Islamist youth differ on how to respond to current crisis
Update: Eight dead in Brotherhood headquarters clashes