Al-Sharif Nassef
Al-Sharif Nassef advocates for democratic development, civic engagement and legal reform in Egypt. He is an associate with the Egyptian-American Rule of Law Association and has written for Daily News Egypt, The Egyptian Gazette, Kalimat Magazine and Fair Observer. Twitter: @alsharifpasha and @EARLAEgypt . read more
A modern mystic poet: Yahia Lababidi
Al-Sharif Nassef | When a few fateful retweets put me into contact with Egyptian-American poet and “seeker” Yahia Labadidi,
Civil society law one more link on chain to shackle dissent in Egypt
Al-Sharif Nassef | On July 18, the state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram ran a spread from the Ministry of Social Solidarity on
Activists, journalists rally against Protest Law