The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"
Source of inspiration
Andeel | Sisi: "A true lord, I swear to God."
Post-modern comedy
 Mailbox: "You can't always use the envelopes as an excuse." [NB: In Arabic, "envelopes" and "conditions" (as in, "current conditions in the country") are the same word.]
Seasons of histrionics
Sisi in computer: "DON'T!"  
Motherly prayer
Andeel | Mother: "May God plant your love in the hearts of people regardless of your achievements, and with a little help from the psychological warfare department and the media that's controlled by state bodies." Sisi: "Merci Mommy."
Aly Galal | R-L: 1. Glug... glug... 2. Thanks, I was really really thirsty. 3. One more favor please... 4. Could you please not tell me the source of that water until we go back home?
Mohab | Businessman: "It's all mine!"
Happy Eid moments
Andeel | Aunt: "Why do you never check up on your aunt, you naughty boy?"
Existential president
Andeel | Sisi: "I must be right ... right?!"
Stop bothering Sisi
Andeel | Sisi: "What corruption kid? Go fight with some Christians or take it out on your wife or something... Off you go!"
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