On the WYF and the sudden disappearance of the McArabia

I find it insulting to project this model of youth, at the expense of concealing…

A stranger in Sahel

A North Coast roadtrip helps trace the development of Egypt’s class-centered Sahel and its clientele

US midterm elections: Bad news for Sisi?

What the results of US midterm elections could mean for Egypt

Video | Delighted

The Shefai family, who light weddings, are trying to preserve the social glow in Daqahalia.

After the Rabea verdict: How the state’s claim for millions in damages has kept Shawkan, 214 others in prison

Those convicted in the Rabea dispersal case remain in prison in lieu of paying millions…

Lawyer calls Hesham Gaafar’s 3-year detention illegal, judge recuses himself

Judge recuses himself from presiding over remand detention renewal for journalist Hesham Gaafar

Palermo conference: Haftar invited to Tripoli, plan for 2nd Italian conference to discuss 2019 Libyan elections

LNA head Khalifa Haftar leaves Palermo conference with invitation to visit Triploli

Egypt exerts heavy pressure on Hamas leaders to halt attacks, refuses to make demands of Israel

Egypt exerted heavy pressure on Hamas over the last two days to declare a ceasefire…

Confusion, contradictions and uncertainty: Implementation of new media law leaves news websites in the dark

By requiring websites to register before regulations were issued, the SMRC has sparked confusion

Assistant detective sentenced to 3 years, police officer to 6 months in prison for Afroto’s death

Two police personnel involved in Afroto's death handed "unfair" sentences