Video | Ramadan’s Here: Ain al-Hayat

Mada Masr presents Ramadan’s Here, a new series by Mahmoud Nasr, documenting iftar culture in diverse Egyptian homes, complementing, and at times challenging common images propagated by TV commercials and dramas. In the first episode, we visit the family of Mohamed Zidan in Ain al-Hayat, a neighborhood in Old Cairo. Zidan is a day laborer who graduated from Banha University School of Law, and currently lives with his mother, wife and newborn son Yassine.

A resident of Ain al-Hayat for over a decade now, he has made himself at home in the makeshift neighborhood overlooking the once famous Ain al-Sira Spring, and home to one of the last remaining monuments from the 10th-century Ikhshidid dynasty’s rule in Egypt.

This video captures a day of fasting and preparing for iftar in Zidan’s home.


Mahmoud Nasr 

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