Detained activist Amal Fathy sentenced to 2 years, handed LE10,000 fine

Detained activist Amal Fathy was handed a two-year prison sentence and a LE10,000 on Saturday in a case related to a video she published on social media in May, criticizing the crackdown on political opposition, according to Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms lawyer Doaa Mostafa.

Mostafa broke down the activist’s two-year sentence in the case (Case 7991/2018), telling Mada Masr that she was sentenced to one year for calling for the overthrow of the regime, and one year and the LE10,000 fine for spreading false news with the intent to harm national security. The lawyer added that the court informed Fathy’s defense team of the verdict verbally, but that they have not yet received an official notification of the sentence.

The Maadi Misdemeanors Court also set bail for suspending the implementation of the sentence and fine until an appeal hearing is held at LE20,000, said the lawyer. She added that Fathy’s defense team are intending to file an appeal and pay the sum on Sunday, once they receive written documentation regarding the court’s verdict.

The video that spurred the case against Fathy was published on her personal Facebook account on May 9. In it, she criticized the crackdown on Egypt’s political opposition, discussed socioeconomic issues and recounted a recent incident of sexual harassment.

Two days after the video was published, security forces arrested the activist alongside her husband — head of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms Mohamed Lotfy — and their three-year-old son. Lotfy and their son were released after several hours, while Fathy remained in detention.

The activist’s lawyer told Mada Masr that when the verdict was announced, Fathy suffered a nervous breakdown. Mostafa said that Qanater Prison’s medical report diagnosed Fathy with major depression, and that during a previous court session, her psychiatrist stated that she has also been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, caused by incidents of sexual harassment and assault.

The activist is also currently implicated in another case (Case 621/2018), which she was added to on May 13, the two days after she was arrested and questioned in relation to the controversial video.

In Case 621/2018, which also involves satirical blogger Shady Abu Zeid, blogger Mohamed Oxygen, activist Shady al-Ghazaly Harb and April 6 Youth Movement member Sherif al-Rouby, Fathy faces charges of joining a terrorist organization, spreading false news and misusing the internet.

Mostafa told Mada Masr that the next detention renewal hearing in Case 621/2018 will be held on October 14.


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