Masr al-Arabia chief editor interrogated, detained in Case 441/2018 after release ordered in separate case

Adel Sabry, the editor in chief of the Masr al-Arabia news website, was interrogated and handed a 15-day detention order in a case in which a warrant has been pending for his arrest on Tuesday, one day after he was issued a release order in a separate case, according to lawyer Fatema Serag.

Serag told Mada Masr that Sabry was being held in custody at the Dokki Police Station late on Tuesday evening pending his release when he was brought before the Supreme State Security Prosecution and interrogated in relation to Case 441/2018 for the first time.

According to the Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression lawyer, an arrest warrant had been issued for him in the case in April, but until Tuesday evening, he had not been officially summoned or interrogated. The Supreme State Security Prosecution ordered his detention in the case on charges of spreading false news and joining an illegal organization.

He has since been returned to Qanater Prison, where he is being held in remand detention, Amr Badr, a Journalists Syndicate board member, told Mada Masr.

On Monday, a court ordered Sabry’s release on LE10,000 bail in a case in which he is facing the same charges, in addition to one count of inciting protest.  

Police forces arrested the editor in chief on April 4, following a police raid on the Masr al-Arabia headquarters. The raid came two days after the website was handed an LE50,000 fine by the Supreme Media Regulatory Council for publishing an overview of a New York Times’ article titled “For as Little as $3 a Vote, Egyptians Trudge to Election Stations.”

Authorities have detained a number of people, including journalists, activists and lawyers, in Case 441/2018, among them prominent blogger Wael Abbas, and lawyer and head of the Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms Ezzat Ghoneim.


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