Regeni case update: Egyptian public prosecutor delivers key surveillance footage to Italian prosecution

Footage from surveillance cameras in the metro station where murdered Italian student Giulio Regeni was last seen before his disappearance was handed to the Italian prosecution, alongside a number of other documents compiled by Egyptian investigators, according to a joint press release issued on Tuesday by Egypt’s Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek and the Italian prosecution.

“Over the past few days, meetings between Egyptian and Italian investigation teams have been held in Cairo, where the footage in question was recovered through modern technical methods. General Prosecutor Nabil Sadek handed the Italian team a final version of the recovered footage, as well as new documents pertaining to the investigation, which have been edited during recent weeks to reflect recent investigation activities by the Egyptian prosecution,” read the statement.

On May 15, Italian news agency ANSA reported that a team of Russian experts has been tasked with recovering the footage from the metro station cameras of the day Regeni disappeared, January 25, 2016.

In January 2017, the Egyptian public prosecutor approved a request from Italian investigators to allow a German company to examine the surveillance cameras from the metro stations where Regeni was reported to have been seen on the day he disappeared. By April, however, Egypt had reneged on its decision to include German experts in the investigation. The company maintained that the footage should travel to their labs in Germany and the United States for technical reasons, which Egypt “categorically rejected,” an Egyptian diplomat told Mada Masr at the time.

Regeni, a PhD candidate who was undertaking his research in Egypt, disappeared from a metro station on January 25, 2016 as he was traveling from his apartment in the west Greater Cairo neighborhood of Dokki, to meet a friend downtown. His body was found a few days later on February 3, naked and bearing signs of severe torture beside a highway on the outskirts of the city.

On March 24, the Interior Ministry announced that police forces had killed those responsible for Regeni’s murder during a raid. According to the ministry, five men belonging to a criminal gang  “specializing in theft from foreigners” had items belonging to the Italian student in their possession.

In September of that year, Egyptian investigators disclosed that they put Regeni under surveillance after they received a complaint from a representative from the street vendors syndicate, who claimed the Italian student was a spy. Italy has accused 10 Egyptian officials of torturing and murdering Regini, an Italian government official told Mada Masr on April on April 2017.


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