Armed Forces spox: 30 militants, 3 officers killed in Sinai in last week

Three military officers have been killed in ongoing operations in Sinai over the last week, and security forces have killed 30 militants, according to an official statement issued by the Armed Forces spokesperson issued on Wednesday.

Those killed included an emir in the Province of Sinai Islamic state-affiliated militant group, Nasser Abu Zaqoul, which the spokesperson announced on April 18, as well as 12 other “highly dangerous” militants, whose identities he did not reveal. Another 17 militants were killed in Arish, following reports they were in a deserted area, according to the spokesperson’s statement.

Other information given in the statement included the arrest of 173 people in north and central Sinai over the last week, as well as over 200 foreigners in the area.

Egypt’s Armed Forces announced on February 9 the launch of Operation Sinai 2018 with the stated aim of eradicating terrorism in the peninsula.


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