Police officer killed, 6 injured in Alexandria bombing near security director’s motorcade

Alexandria’s Security Director Major General Mostafa al-Nimr was unharmed by the detonation of an explosive device near his motorcade, which killed a police officer and injured six others in the coastal city’s Rushdy neighborhood early on Saturday.

Nimr, whose motorcade was passing through Muaskar Romany Street, where the explosion took place on Saturday morning, did not sustain any injuries from the bombing, according to an unpublished statement issued to journalists by Alexandria’s Security Directorate.

Eyewitnesses told Mada Masr that the explosion occurred around 11:30 am near an ancient Roman site, a hotel owned by the Armed Forces and a popular mall in the area, the glass facade of which was damaged by the force of the blast. The bomb was planted under a car parked in the street, Reuters reported.

The explosion killed police officer Aly Galal, who was driving one of the police vehicles accompanying Nimr, according to privately owned newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm. Later on Saturday, Nimr was seen examining the scene of the explosion.

The Alexandria Security Directorate’s statement also provided the names of those injured as a result of the explosion: Mahmoud Salah Mohamed, 22, Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah, 19, and Ahmed Hosni, 33, as well as police conscripts Mohamed Ibrahim Shahata, 29, and Ahmed Mohamed Ali, and navy conscript Mohamed Khamis, 42, all of whom were transported to Mostafa Kamel military hospital.

Said Hassan, a taxi driver who was eating breakfast in a street near the scene of the explosion when it occurred, told Mada Masr that a dual-cabin vehicle that was part of the security director’s motorcade was damaged by the blast. Hassan added that his own car, parked nearby, was also severely damaged.

Ibrahim Osman, a construction worker who was working at a site near the blast told Mada Masr that he saw a large ball of fire appear following the explosion, which caused a column of smoke and obscured visibility in the area.

Two of Nimr’s security escorts were injured during the attack, according to a security guard in a nearby building, who told Mada Masr that they suffered from what appeared to be burns to their faces.

Sobhy Mohamed Farah, a guard at another building in a side street across from the site of the explosion, told Mada Masr that the car under which the bomb was concealed was parked near the gate to the Roman ruins, and that police arrived at the scene around five minutes following the blast and sealed off the area to the public.

Public Prosecutor Nabil Sadiq ordered the Supreme State Security Prosecution to investigate the attack, prompting prosecutors from the Sidi Gaber Prosecution to begin their investigation procedures ,as forensics experts screened the area for evidence.

Concurrently, Egypt’s National Security Agency commenced its own investigations into the incident and has begun examining footage from security cameras in the surrounding area.

Speaking to Mada Masr on condition of anonymity, a source at the Antiquities Ministry said that the explosion did not damage any of the artifacts stored at the nearby ancient Roman site.


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