Hesham Geneina arrested after claims to documents implicating the state in post-2011 violence

Police arrested former head of the Central Auditing Authority Hesham Geniena from his home in New Cairo at midday on Tuesday, according to lawyer Ali Taha.

Geneina’s arrest comes one day after the Armed Forces issued a statement condemning his claims that detained former Chief of Staff Sami Anan, who announced his intention to run in Egypt’s upcoming presidential election, has documents implicating the state in post-2011 violence.

Taha told Mada Masr that he received unconfirmed information that Geneina is currently being held by military prosecution.

The military spokesperson asserted that Geneina’s claims, made during a Sunday interview with HuffPost Arabi, are a crime, adding that they were intended to sow doubts about the state at a time when it is engaging in a counterterrorism operation in North Sinai.

The matter is to be referred to a specialized investigation team to determine what legal measures should be pursued, according to the military’s Monday statement.

Hours after the military condemned Geneina’s allegations, Anan’s lawyer Nasser Amin also claimed the former auditor’s remarks are “completely void of any truth,” and said that he would pursue legal action against anyone making statements on his client’s behalf. Amin denied the validity of any comments attributed to the former chief of staff that do not come directly from him, asserting that they may compromise Anan’s legal position.

Geneina, who was set to serve as Anan’s vice president, expressed his concern for the former chief of staff’s safety in military detention, where he has been held since his January 23 arrest, just days after he announced his presidential bid.

Anan was detained on charges of announcing his bid for office without first acquiring a permit from the military, aiming to incite a rift between the Armed Forces and the public and forging his end of service documents.

Geneina told HuffPost Arabi that he has not ruled out the possibility that an attempt may be made on Anan’s life while he is in detention. He said this is due to the nature of documents Anan possesses which “reveal the third party that is responsible for a lot of political crimes in Egypt that followed the January 25 revolution.”

The documents in question are reportedly being kept outside the country, and, according to Geneina, Anan intended to present them to judges as a means to open investigations into a number of violent incidents that occurred after the January 25 revolution. “I think that [Anan] knows exactly what he is doing, and if he were to be subjected to an assassination attempt, these documents would surface,” Geneina said.

Geneina was assaulted in his car on January 27, several days after Anan’s arrest, and sustained injuries to his eye and leg. He has accused state institutions of planning the attack on several occasions, claims he reiterated during his Sunday interview.


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