Province of Sinai video warns against participation in presidential election
Courtesy: Screenshot from video

Province of Sinai, the peninsula’s most active militant group, warned citizens against participating in Egypt’s upcoming presidential election in a newly released 23-minute video.

In the video, which was circulated on Province of Sinai communication channels, the group also identified former member Omar ِal-Deeb, who was killed in Cairo in September, alleging that he was a Muslim Brotherhood member before joining their ranks.

The video follows the announcement of a major military operation in Sinai, which commenced on Friday, and reportedly aims to eliminate terrorism in central and North Sinai, in addition to areas in the Delta and west of the Nile Valley.

In the fifth statement on the operation, issued by the military spokesperson on Monday, the Armed Forces announced they have killed 12 militants and arrested 92 people over the last few days. In another statement issued on Sunday night, the spokesperson announced the deaths of 16 militants in the course of the operation.

An unmasked man, identified as Abu Mohamed al-Masry, says in the video: “We warn Muslims against approaching poll stations and courts, these are our targets.”

The voice over to the video asserted that Deeb was raised in a Brotherhood family before joining militants in Sinai. He was sent to Cairo on a mission, according to the video, where he was killed.

The Ministry of Interior announced in September the deaths of 10 militants in Ard al-Lewa district in Giza, including Deeb, adding that they came from North Sinai to carry out terrorist operations in the capital. Deeb was wanted in a 2017 investigation by State Security Forces, according to the ministry.

The video included footage of Deeb holding a weapon and saying, “ We promise apostates dark days, we will send them to hell.”

After Deeb’s death, several Brotherhood-affiliated media outlets reported that he had been living abroad and was killed when he returned home for a family visit. His father, Muslim Brotherhood member Ibrahim al-Deeb, who is currently residing in Turkey, made statements to the same effect.

The video included footage of an attack on Arish airport in December, which was claimed by the Province of Sinai and coincided with a visit to the peninsula by the ministers of interior and defense.

The video also showed several of the group’s operations in Sinai, including the targeting of military and police vehicles with explosives and assassinations of military and police personnel. Province of Sinai militants are seen stopping a civilian car carrying military soldiers, asking the civilian driver to leave the car and then opening fire on the soldiers.


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