Former state auditor, member of ex-military chief’s presidential bid injured in attack
Courtesy: Lawyer Zyad Elelaimy

Former head of Egypt’s Central Auditing Authority Hesham Geneina, who was revealed last week to be a member of retired military chief Sami Anan’s presidential bid, was transported to hospital after he was physically assaulted on Saturday morning, Geneina’s lawyer ِAli Taha told Mada Masr.

The attack comes after Anan, who announced his intention to run in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections on January 19, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of violating military law. Anan said in a video statement that Geneina — who was removed from his post as Egypt’s top auditor by President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in 2016 after he released statements regarding corruption within state institutions — would be selected as his deputy if he wins the election.

Geneina was attacked by unknown assailants while on his way to court to appeal the decision to bar Anan from running in the elections following his arrest, Anan’s spokesperson Hazem Hosny told Mada Masr.

The former auditor was physically assaulted by three people after his car was stopped by two vehicles. The assailants attempted to force Geneina into one of their cars, Hosny said, but Geneina resisted and called for help from passersby, causing the attackers to flee the scene. Geneina sustained an injury to his face after one of the attackers struck him with a knife, he added, as well as an injury to his leg.

While attempting to file a police report in New Cairo following the attack, Geneina was initially prevented from being transported to a hospital to seek medical attention and held at the station along with his wife and daughter. According to Hosny, police pressured Geneina resolve the issue through informal reconciliation, instead of official channels, and to alter his story and claim that he sustained injuries in a fight between drivers.

Police later allowed Geneina to be transported to the New Cairo Public Hospital in a police vehicle provided he be returned to the station, his lawyer said, adding that officers refused to speak to Geneina’s lawyers and that neither lawyers nor relatives were allowed to accompany him to the hospital.

Following his arrest last week, Anan, who retired in 2012 as military chief of staff, was accused by the military prosecutor of announcing his presidential bid without first acquiring permission from the military with the intention of aiming to incite a rift between the Armed Forces and the public, and falsifying his end-of-service documents.

The National Elections Authority announced last Thursday that Anan was removed from the electoral database due to his ongoing status as a member of the military. A statement by the Armed Forces, broadcast on Tuesday as Anan was being questioned by military prosecution, said that Anan violated Presidential Decree 133/2011, issued on November 23 of that year, which regulates the reserve status of members of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces after retirement.

Anan’s family told Mada Masr last Wednesday they have not been made aware of his whereabouts since his arrest.


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