Sisi submits candidacy forms to NEA, reveals 2018 campaign leadership
Courtesy: Sisi's presidential campaign

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi submitted his candidacy forms to the National Elections Authority (NEA) on Wednesday and revealed the first details of his 2018 presidential campaign, according to his official Facebook page.

Sisi appointed lawyer Mohamed Bahaa Eddin Abu Shaqa as his campaign’s legal representative and official spokesperson, and diplomat Mahmoud Karem as the official campaign coordinator on Wednesday morning, the same positions that Abu Shaqa and Karem held during Sisi’s 2014 presidential campaign. Shortly after this announcement, Sisi submitted his candidacy papers to the NEA, including the results of his medical examination and his endorsement forms. So far, he is the only candidate to do so.

The president underwent a medical examination on Tuesday, in line with NEA regulations, which stipulate that those intending to run in Egypt’s presidential elections must pass a physical and mental examination to qualify for candidacy.

The official announcement of Sisi’s intention to run for a second term on Friday came on the heels of the three-day Story of a Nation conference, during which the president and his Cabinet recounted the most prominent achievements of his first term in office.

To file for candidacy, those aiming to run in Egypt’s presidential elections must obtain the endorsement of 20 members of Parliament, or have 25,000 civilians from 15 different governorates submit endorsement forms, with at least 1,000 endorsements coming from each governorate. Sisi has garnered the support of 546 MPs so far. However, the NEA has not yet announced how many civilian endorsements he has acquired.

The total number of endorsement forms submitted at offices of the Authority of Real Estate Proclamation and Notarization around the country currently exceeds 917,000, NEA spokesperson Mahmoud al-Sherif announced in statements to the press on Tuesday. The NEA will continue receiving candidacy forms until 2 pm on January 29.


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