Court throws out acquittal of 26 Ultras White Knights, orders retrial

The Court of Cassation vacated the acquittal of 26 Zamalek Club football fans on Tuesday, and ordered a retrial in relation to a 2013 protest against the arrest of other ultras, according to lawyer Mohamed Rashwan.

Two courts have already acquitted the defendants, Rashwan told Mada Masr. “These young men have been acquitted for five years. Some of them are working abroad, some of them are attending university, and now their lives will be disrupted again,” he said, adding that the reasons behind the court’s decision have not been disclosed to lawyers.

The case will revert to an appeals court for a final level of litigation, according to the lawyer.

The 26 men were arrested when police forces dispersed a march from Shubra to the public prosecution’s downtown Cairo office on August 28, 2013, demanding the release of members of the Zamalek Club’s fan group Ultras White Knights, who were accused of assaulting Zamalek Club President Mortada Mansour. The police arrested 131 individuals, 26 of whom were referred to a misdemeanor court by the prosecution with charges of rioting, obstructing traffic, possession of arms and assault of security.

The Sahel misdemeanor court acquitted the defendants of all charges on October 30, 2014, stating that there was insufficient evidence in the case. The prosecution challenged the verdict, which was again upheld by a misdemeanor appeals court on March 5, 2015. The case was referred to the Court of Cassation, after being challenged by the prosecution once again.


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