MOI: 2 members of Hassm militant group killed in Beheira shootout

Two alleged members of the Hassm militant group were killed in a shootout with police personnel in a residential area of Wadi al-Natrun in Beheira governorate, according to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry on Thursday.

The ministry identified the men as 32-year-old Mohamed Younis Ibrahim and 35-year-old Sayed Maher al-Sayed Mostafa, both from Beheira.

The men were believed to have been active members of Hassm, who were involved in a case currently under investigation by Egypt’s National Security Agency, according to the Interior Ministry.

“Ibrahim was responsible for storing weapons and explosives, and previously managed Beheira farm, which was targeted in April this year and is known in the media as the ‘Death Farm’,” the ministry’s statement asserted.

The Interior Ministry has issued a string of statements in recent months announcing the killing of alleged Hassm members.

On August 14, the ministry announced the killing of two members of the Hassm movement after an exchange of fire during a security raid on a farm in Khankha, Qalyubiya, one day after reporting that two other alleged members were killed in a residential area of Khosous, also in Qalyubiya governorate. All four men were accused of involvement in the July assassination of National Security Agency officer Ibrahim Azazy.

In a statement issued in July, the ministry also announced the killing of eight alleged members of the militant group in an armed exchange in Fayoum, claiming five others were arrested in Giza and Sharqiya. Hassm later denied the claims in a statement, saying, “Members of the movement, individuals and leaders know exactly who the real martyrs are. We are not concerned with your fake figures.”

Over the past year, Hassm has claimed responsibility for a number of armed operations, including a bombing in Giza last December that targeted a checkpoint, killing six police personnel, including two commissioned officers. The group also carried out an attempted attack on Judge Ahmed Abouel Fottouh, detonating a car bomb near his home in the Fifth Settlement neighborhood of New Cairo last November.

Hassm claimed responsibility for the attempted assassination of Deputy Prosecutor General Zakaria Abdel Aziz Osman in August, targeting his motorcade as it left his home, and the failed assassination of former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa near his home in 6th of October City last August. Hassm’s operations began in July last year with the killing of Major Mahmoud Abdel Hameed, head of Tamiya investigations in Fayoum governorate.


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