Egyptian authorities refer defendant in Hurghada attack to mental institution: Lawyer

The man accused of killing a number of tourists at a Red Sea resort in July was committed to to mental institution for a period of 45 days on Monday on the orders of the State Security Prosecution, according to a statement the defendant’s lawyer published on Monday.  

Lawyer Khaled al-Masry, who represents the 28-year-old defendant Abdel Rahman Shams Shaaban, said his client will undergo a mental evaluation over the course of his time at the mental facility.

The attack took place at a Hurghada resort on July 14, when an Egyptian man stabbed and killed two German tourists and injured four others, including a Czech national, who remains unidentified upon the request of her family and died on July 27 due to complications from organ failure. Shaaban was arrested by Red Sea security forces immediately after the attack.

The assailant who stabbed six women at the Hurghada resort “infiltrated the private beach by swimming from the neighboring public beach,” according to a statement issued by the Egyptian Interior Ministry on the day of the attack. No official announcements have been made since then.

Shaaban reportedly first made his way onto a public beach, where he stabbed two German women to death and injured one other, before swimming to the neighboring private beach and injuring three more tourists.

Various media outlets cited anonymous security sources as saying the assailant asserted loyalty to the Islamic State. However, the armed Islamist group has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

On July 15, the German Foreign Ministry condemned the attack and offered condolences to the deceased families. The German embassy in Cairo also asserted that travel advice to Egypt had not changed in the weeks leading up to the attack.


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