Quotes from Sisi’s speech on Copts’ attack in Minya: Strike conducted in retaliation

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi addressed the nation on the evening of Friday, May 26, in the aftermath of the killing of 28 Coptic Christians when armed militants attacked their vehicles as they were traveling to a monastery in Upper Egypt’s Minya governorate.

These are some of the statements he made

“I call on President Trump. I trust you and your words and your ability to confront terrorism.”

“Daesh’s strategy in Egypt is to sow discord between Egyptians, between Muslims and Christians.”

“Daesh is sending Christians a message, saying ‘The state is not providing enough protection for you. You are not safe in Egypt.'”

“The object of today’s attack was to bring down the Egyptian state.”

“A strike was carried out, and we will not hesitate to target any training camps threatening our security.”

“We will strike any camps used to train forces to attack Egypt, whether they are inside or outside of Egypt.”

“Daesh’s strategy says that, if Egypt falls, chaos will spread across the whole world. That is why efforts are spent to ‘hit’ the Egyptian economy and Egyptian peace.”

“Daesh’s job in Syria is over. They destroyed it. I told security bodies some of the fighters leaving Aleppo will come here.”

“I am telling the international community once again, we discussed a strategy to fight global terrorism and extremism, and we launched it at the Arab-Islamic-American Summit. If we adhere to it and take action, we will be able to stand in the face of and defeat the ‘people of evil.'”


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