Trump supporters praise presidential hopeful’s encounter with Sisi
Courtesy: Business Insider

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met with several world leaders on the sidelines of the 71st United Nations General Assembly, including United States presidential Republican Party candidate Donald Trump.

While it is not uncommon for international heads of state to meet those running for the US’s chief office, Trump’s supporters framed the meeting as a victory over Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

Tough leaders for tough times

On the Donald Trump 2016 Reddit forum and Twitter, some supporters seized upon news of the meeting as an indication that Trump has been recognized by international leaders as the next president of the United States in everything but title.




Others welcomed future cooperation between Sisi and Trump, saying the world needs “strong men.”



A New Conservative Tree House article, which was retweeted by Trump supporters, praised Sisi’s many accomplishments “since reluctantly taking power in 2013.” Such achievements include: arresting people who have attacked Coptic Christians and burned down churches, shutting down the “Al Jazerra [sic] propaganda machine” and supporting “the framework for a new constitution to support minority protections.” Absent from this extensive list of achievements are issues related to human rights and freedom of expression.


However, it is not just Trump and his supporters that have blamed Obama for Egypt’s recent turbulence. Sisi has also accused the current US president of turning his back on Egypt by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.


It seems clear to Trump’s supporters that the US presidential candidate and Sisi are trying to save us all from the Muslim Brotherhood, operating in Egypt and the US. After rescuing Egypt from political Islam, the two must purge the US government of Islamists.





With so many goals and ambitions in common, Trump’s foreign policy advisor Walid Phares is predicting positive results on the horizon.


Additional reporting from Jano Charbel. 


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