Experts arrive in Egypt to examine downed Russian jet’s wreckage

Russian and German experts are in Cairo to inspect the wreckage of the Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 which broke apart above the Sinai Peninsula in October 2015 killing all 224 people on board, announced the Egyptian investigation committee.

Irish, French and United States experts will join the investigation team in the Egyptian capital, where, according to a statement published by the committee, they will attempt to reconstruct the plane to discern the exact point where it began to disintegrate.

The commercial flight was en route to Saint Petersburg having departed from Sharm el-Sheikh on 31 October 2015 when an explosion tore through the plane, killing the 217 passengers and seven crew. Egyptian investigators initially asserted that a technical malfunction had caused the crash, but Russian officials insisted the plane was brought down by a bomb. Egyptian officials eventually conceded that deliberate sabotage could have been responsible, while an Islamic State affiliate in the Sinai claimed responsibility for the attack.

Egypt’s tourism figures and revenue plummeted after the downing of the Metrojet flight, as flights to Sharm el-Sheikh from Russia, the UK and Turkey were suspended. The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics’ figures show a 99 percent decline in Russian tourists visiting Egypt in the months after the crash. In August Turkey resumed flights to Sharm el-Sheikh after nearly a year, and Russia is expected to do the same in the coming months.


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