After release ruling, detainee Islam Khalil accused of attacking police officer
Islam Khalil

Prosecution questioned detainee Islam Khalil on Thursday over accusations he attacked a police officer at Raml police station in Alexandria, his lawyer Haleem Heneish told Mada Masr.

These new charges come just three days after a decision to release him on LE50,000 bail for previous charges of joining a banned organization and inciting violence.

Khalil was on his way to finalize release procedures on Wednesday when he was reportedly beaten by personnel at Raml police station, Heneish said, adding that his client sustained bruising to his face and neck, injuries to his arms and legs, and a broken tooth.

The prosecution ordered that Khalil be transferred to forensics and remain in custody until Friday for questioning.

Nour Khalil, Islam’s brother, asserted that the accusations are purposeful and aim to obstruct the release of his brother, as he says he was beaten as soon as he arrived at the police station.

“They [police] told him, ‘you are the one who is causing all this noise, we got a recommendation from above concerning you. You are not getting out of here’,” Nour wrote on his Facebook account.

“We said that the Interior Ministry is targeting him and won’t let him go since the decision to release Islam. He has been mistreated since the first day of his arrest, and after he published his letter from prison he has faced even more harassment,” Nour added.

Khalil was arrested with his father and brother on May 24 when security forces stormed their house in Santa City in the northern governorate of Gharbiya.

Nour was accused of taking part in illegal protests and was released after four days. His father was also released after eight days. During this time their family filed reports with various authorities to find out where they were, but got no response.

Islam’s fate remains unknown, and up until 80 days ago, so was his place of detention. He was forcibly disappeared for 122 days. Although his family was certain he was being detained by security forces, no official entity would confirm this.

He first reappeared on September 24 at East Alexandria Prosecution. He was remanded in custody pending investigations into charges of belonging to an outlawed group. His pretrial detention was most recently renewed on November 26.

Khalil says he has been repeatedly tortured and his health is deteriorating, an allegation his family supports.

In December, Khalil sent a letter from prison, in which he detailed his ordeal.

“This experience gave me two questions. I can think of nothing else. The first is why. Yes, why was I arrested this way? Why was I forcibly disappeared? Why was I tortured? Why was I framed in a case despite their knowledge of my innocence? Why don’t judicial bodies serve justice? Why does the Ministry of Interior deny that I was forcibly disappeared by its forces for 122 days, suffering torture?” Khalil wrote.

“In each chapter of my story, there are hundreds of whys. But there is no answer to these questions, except what one of my cellmates told me one day: ‘Because you’re Egyptian and you live in Egypt’.”


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