Young man detained for anti-torture T-shirt suffers from health complications in prison
Mahmoud Mohamed - Courtesy: الحرية لمحمود محمد Facebook page

Mahmoud Mohamed, a young man detained for wearing an anti-torture t-shirt, is suffering from health complications in prison, according to a statement posted on Facebook by his brother.

Mohamed has been held in pretrial detention for over two years. He was arrested on the third anniversary of the 2011 revolution for wearing a t-shirt with an anti-torture slogan and a scarf commemorating the January 25 uprising.

The 20-year-old has been held in maximum-security Tora Prison since, even though his imprisonment has exceeded the legal limit for pretrial detention. Mohamed’s case was referred to State Security Prosecution last week, and if accepted, Mohamed could face trial before the Criminal Court’s terrorist division.

Mohamed underwent surgery on his leg the year before he was detained, his brother Tarek explained, and now complications have emerged from the surgery due to lack of adequate treatment by prison doctors.

Tarek stated that a doctor outside of prison informed him that Mahmoud will need a second surgery because the bone in his leg is corroding. While Tora Prison doctors conducted physical therapy sessions with Mahmoud twice a week, they are not sufficient and Mahmoud continues to be in pain, he added. Tarek also said that his brother has lost a significant amount of weight and is now “barely 50 kilos.”

Mohamed’s family will lodge official complaints about his brother’s health to the National Council on Human Rights and the Doctors Syndicate, Tarek stated, requesting that Mohamed be transferred to an external hospital.

There have been multiple allegations of medical neglect of prisoners from families and human rights organizations in recent months. In Decemeber, families of detainees incarcerated in Aqrab Prison testified that their relatives are being denied warm clothing and medical treatment by prison guards.


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