Bad weather conditions result in 5 deaths in Alexandria

The Health Ministry stated that five people were killed in Alexandria on Sunday as the coastal city experienced heavy rain and bad weather conditions, according to state-owned Al-Ahram.

The deputy health minister in Alexandria, Magdy Hegazy, told Al-Ahram that four citizens were electrocuted when a wire from the Moharram Bek tram fell into the rainwater flooding the streets, while strong winds caused a light tower to fall, killing the fifth victim.

In response, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ordered the Cabinet to take control of the situation with the help of state institutions and the Armed Forces, and to provide compensation to those affected by the flooding and to the families of the victims.

Youm 7 newspaper reported on Saturday that bad weather conditions led to the closure of four ports in Suez, as well as another port in Arish, North Sinai. The movement of barges in the southern city of Minya, transporting citizens from the two sides of the Nile, was also halted due to bad weather, according to the same report.

The heavy rain and the strong winds led to the flooding of most of Alexandria’s streets, as photos on social media websites revealed extreme traffic congestion and vehicles being submerged in rainwater. Social media users were particularly critical of Alexandria governor Hany al-Messery for city’s deteriorating infrastructure, with many demanding his resignation.

Messery told Youm7 on Sunday that a LE75 million plan to renovate the city’s sewage system was finally approved by the Cabinet, aiming to end the issue of rainwater flooding that the city faces annually. He added that the plan will be implemented and should yield good results next winter.  

The young governor, who was appointed last year, has been continuously under fire for Alexandria’s crumbling infrastructure and poor public services, with the issue of garbage collection reaching a peak during his time as governor.


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