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Military, Province of Sinai give conflicting accounts of Qattamiya-Suez Road attack
Courtesy: Shutterstock

Egypt’s Armed Forces and the Province of Sinai, the Islamist militant group formerly known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdes that has declared its allegiance with the Islamic State, both released contradictory statements regarding a car bomb attack targeting a military camp on the Qattamiya-Suez Road Wednesday morning.

Armed Forces spokesperson Mohamed Samir announced on his official page on Facebook Wednesday morning that the military thwarted the bombing and destroyed the vehicle, killing its driver. A military source told state-owned Ahram Gate that the vehicle used in the attack, a pick-up truck with a fake license, was carrying half a ton of explosives.

The spokesperson also released a second statement explaining that the military had set up checkpoints on the Qattamiya-Suez road after receiving intelligence that the military camp was going to be attacked.

The statement added that security forces discharged warning shots when a white Toyota attempted to forcibly cross a checkpoint on the road, then fired at the car when it did not respond, causing it to explode.

However, on social media accounts affiliated with the militant group, the Province of Sinai claimed responsibility for the attack, asserting that “Abo Dagana,” the alleged perpetrator, had successfully bombed the camp, causing damage to the military base.

The statement explained that the attack was in retaliation to the killing of six militants in the Eastern Desert last year by this military camp.  

A similar war of statements occurred over violent clashes between the military and Islamist militants in North Sinai at the beginning of this month, which resulted in more than 100 deaths. Throughout the day-long battle, militants posted several statements announcing successful operations against military targets, while the military asserted that it had destroyed militant hideouts.