Foreign Ministry accuses HRW of supporting terrorism
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday accused Human Rights Watch of propagating lies and supporting terrorism in response to a report issued by the rights group marking President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s first year in office.


Commemorating the anniversary of Sisi’s inauguration, the New York-based rights group issued a statement on Sunday, criticizing the Egyptian government for its “erasing of human rights gains,” and castigating the Western states that support it.


HRW listed violations committed under interim President Adly Mansour and in the first year of Sisi’s presidency.


In a statement, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson criticized the report, deeming it “politicized,” and lacking principles of accuracy and objectivity. 


“This is not surprising, as it’s issued by an organization that is not credible in Egyptian public opinion and in many countries of the world, as it is known to promote lies, misinformation and unfounded claims from sources that are unreliable and inaccurate,” the statement read.


The ministry said HRW’s report indicates that it “supports the practices of terrorism and supports the perpetrators of acts of violence and intimidation,” while pretending to respect and defend human rights.


It further questioned HRW’s “silence” on terrorist attacks that target civilians as well as armed and police forces and members of the judiciary.


In its report however, HRW also made reference to the escalating violence committed by armed Islamist militants over the past two years.


The report said that nearly 2,600 people were killed during the unrest following Morsi’s ouster in the period from 2013-14, citing findings issued by the governmental National Council for Human Rights. These fatalities purportedly included 700 security personnel, 1,250 people identified as Muslim Brotherhood supporters and 550 other civilians.


The Foreign Ministry referred to previous reports issued by HRW on Egypt since June 30, saying the organization “clearly targets the Egyptian people and their will to achieve their aspirations.”


The ministry claimed that “the more Egypt advances and makes achievements on the political, economic and social levels,” the more HRW intensifies its efforts “to spread lies to cause instability in the country” and raise questions about the will of the Egyptian people.


The ministry further explained that HRW does so by issuing politicized reports, while leading a “systematic campaign” against Egypt, based on an agenda that goes against the interests of the Egyptian people.


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