Update: ‘Revolutionary Punishment’ group claims responsibility for Fayoum officers murder
Fayoum - Courtesy: Shutterstock

The “Revolutionary Punishment” group released a statement on their blog claiming responsibility for killing the two police officers in Fayoum on Friday

The statement said targeting the officers was part of what they called the “death traps” operation to “continue cleansing the country of murderers and criminals.” 

The group dedicated the operation to “the martyrs of Arab Sharkas and the free students.”

The statement cited the actions of the “cowardice Camp David government” which “assaults unarmed Egyptians in the streets and squares, tortures detainees in police stations and cellars of the National Security apparatus, and kidnaps students from the exam room to murder them,” as the reason behind the operation.

The group’s statement praised its members for killing the two officers in Fayoum “after monitoring them and making sure they were involved in torturing and murdering revolutionaries.” 

They also claimed responsibility for killing another low-ranking police officer in Beni Suef on Friday for “also being involved in arresting and torturing many people in his town.”

The statement was concluded with “We have not forgotten. We will not forgive. We vow to avenge.” 

The group has previously claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on security targets across Egypt. They also announced they were behind the bombing of the two electricity towers supplying the Egyptian Media Production City on April 14, which took out several satellite channels for a few hours as a part of their “cutting tongues” operation targeting “the media arm of the coup.”  

Unidentified assailants reportedly shot two police officers dead in Fayoum on Friday, shortly after the Interior Ministry released a statement claiming that their personnel had arrested 57 “wanted terrorists” just the day before.

Gunmen sheltered in dense agricultural foliage allegedly opened fire on the two men as they were driving home to the village of Bihmo on their motorcycles in the early morning, according to the Reuters-affiliated news site Aswat Masriya.

A 37-year-old sergeant and 40-year-old policeman were reported dead at the Sinnuras Central Hospital, Aswat Masriya reported. The names of the victims were not released to the public.

Police sources said they were combing the area to search for the assailants and bring them to justice.

The Interior Ministry has not yet mentioned the incident in the statements posted on its official website. However, on Thursday the ministry released a congratulatory statement detailing raids and arrests targeting “Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and their allies” across the country that day, with actions concentrated in Beheira, Beni Suef, Kafr al-Sheikh, Qalyubiya and Fayoum.

Police forces apprehended 57 people on Thursday, according to the ministry, which accused the detainees of playing a role in attacks against army and police forces.

Armed attacks against army and police troops have increased dramatically since the military-led ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2013. A fatal attack targeting judges also occurred after the judiciary sentenced Morsi and over 100 of his co-defendants to death on May 16.


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