Friday protests against Mubarak acquittal turn violent in Helwan

Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated protesters faced off against the police in the Cairo suburb of Helwan on Friday, the privately owned newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm (AMAY) reported.

Demonstrators were marching against the recent acquittal of former President Hosni Mubarak and his officials on charges of conspiring to murder protesters in the 2011 revolution. They reportedly chanted slogans against the police, the Armed Forces and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, while carrying posters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi and the black-and-yellow icon commemorating the deadly Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in dispersal.

Police forces tried to halt the protest by firing tear gas, and protesters allegedly responded by shooting fireworks, AMAY said, triggering violent clashes between the two sides.

Helwan has frequently been the site of violent confrontations between purported Brotherhood sympathizers and security forces since Morsi was ousted from power in July 2013. Last month, a homemade bomb exploded in a café near Helwan University, injuring six.

Protests were also dispersed in the Gharbiya governorate on Friday. Demonstrators identified as Brotherhood members reportedly formed a human chain on the road linking Basyoun Village with the cities of Tanta and Mahalla.

Police forces cleared out the demonstrators, arresting five people on charges of possessing pamphlets containing content critical of the military and police.


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