Sisi asks Egyptians to cooperate to solve electricity crisis
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

In a speech to the nation on Saturday at noon, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that the current electricity crisis presents a tough challenge for Egypt, but that he remains hopeful that Egyptians can pull through by cooperating. He added that there are saboteurs who are making the problem worse in order to anger Egyptians.

Sisi said that Egypt is undergoing an existential battle against those who want to bring the country down and that it will not be an easy fight.

The current government has positioned the Muslim Brotherhood — overthrown from power last year — as the nation’s biggest threat, blaming them for terrorist attacks and the energy crisis.

Egyptians across the country have suffered from frequent blackouts over the summer months. On Thursday, a sudden power cut occurred in several areas, lasting for hours, caused by a technical mistake according to the electricity minister.

Sisi said that he has formed a committee, including military engineers, university professors and technical experts to uncover the reasons for the power cuts.

He urged Egyptians to cooperate against “evil people” who are trying to destroy the country and to participate in keeping an eye on energy towers, which have been targeted recently.

Sisi said that solving the electricity problem would require over U$S100 billion, but that the crisis can be dealt with through cooperation between the government and the people.


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