Jilted Beheira police officer injures woman, kills her uncle

A police officer was arrested in Beheira after he killed the uncle of a woman who refused to marry him, reported the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper on Monday.

The officer reportedly stormed the dental clinic where the woman works, and they began to argue. When her uncle intervened, the officer shot him dead, injuring the woman in the process.

The woman was taken to the hospital for medical treatment, and the officer was referred to the prosecution.

There has been a rash of criminal activity committed by security officers in recent weeks. Most recently, a low-ranking officer was accused of raping a mentally ill young woman in Giza’s Imbaba police station.

The woman had survived a kidnapping attempt by a tuk tuk driver and his accomplice, and was being held at the police station until she could be transferred to a care facility. The officer purportedly called her in to present her testimony, and then raped her. He was arrested and referred to the prosecution.

In another incident, two low-ranking police officers were filmed violating the corpse of a suspect who was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police forces. The video showed the two officers playing with the lifeless body and making fun of the deceased man. The Ministry of Interior issued a statement saying it had identified the two officers, and they would soon be referred to the prosecution.


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