In speech marking June 30 protests, Sisi vows to press forward with roadmap
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

On the first anniversary of the June 30 protests that led to former President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, newly elected President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took to the airwaves to pledge that he would continue on the interim roadmap to parliamentary elections.

June 30 was proof of Egyptians’ ability to unite, Sisi said, proclaiming that the mass protests “brought the dreams and aspirations of Egyptians back to life.”

As he vowed to respect the principles of the Constitution, Sisi also hailed the Armed Forces, describing the military institution as a “national army from the people, and for the people, believing in the truth and commitment. God gifted Egyptians with an army that respects their will.”

“We are looking forward to building a safe society including everyone,” Sisi continued.

Addressing the country’s economic and social challenges, Sisi said that he instructed the newly formed Cabinet to work in a well-defined framework to address Egyptians’ concerns, proclaiming that “the economic conditions are very difficult, but the state is not giving up on its role.”

However, in addition to the government’s efforts, the president called on all citizens, both locally and abroad, to shoulder their own responsibilities toward the country.

Sisi also pledged to maintain Egypt’s role in the region, and protect Islam from extremism, declaring that “history will say that Egypt protected Arabism and Islam.”

“We will develop the religious discourse, not because it is backwards, but to purify it from negative associations,” he continued.

In his speech, Sisi also offered his condolences to the families of two police officers killed in bombings near the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace early Monday morning, stating, “I vow to God and the families of the martyrs that the state will take retribution for them.”

He promised to continue fighting terrorism by passing laws that would harshly punish those who attempt to threaten national security.


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