2 die in Aswan as warring tribes break truce

Two people died in Aswan on Thursday when clashes renewed between rival tribes just two months after their reconciliation.

In April, tensions between the Hilail tribe and the Nubian Dabodeya tribe escalated into a deadly confrontation that claimed 26 lives, according to the state-owned Middle East News Agency (MENA).

After security forces failed to stop the bloodshed, saying that both parties were heavily armed, Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb mediated a truce between the tribes.

Tayyeb then headed up a reconciliation committee in Aswan, which prepared a written agreement and took steps to put it into effect.

But on Thursday, the clashes erupted once again when a stand-off between young members of the two tribes intensified. Two members of the Dabodeya clan were killed and their bodies set on fire, reported the state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram.

Security forces contained the situation after firing shots into the air, said Al-Ahram.

Graphic footage of the bloodshed in April showed an extreme level of violence, with perpetrators disfiguring victims of the clashes and parading their bodies through the streets. At the time, representatives of the Dabodeya tribe blamed state neglect of the Nubian community for the violence.


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