Sisi’s first speech as president


In his short first speech as president, Sisi said he intends to make the upcoming period one of internal and external development and to “make up for lost time and right the wrongs of the past.”


Sisi took the presidential oath earlier this morning at the Supreme Constitutional Court, before moving to Ettehadiya presidential palace for a lunch with heads of states and other representatives.


“It is time for our great people to reap the fruits of two revolutions,” he said, adding, “The success of a revolution lies in the crystallization of its goals and its development for the better.”


Sisi said Sunday’s events mark the first peaceful and democratic transition of power in Egypt, and the start of a new era in Egypt’s history.


He thanked his high profile guests for their support, giving a special mention to the Saudi ruler for suggesting holding an Arab forum to support Egypt.


Outgoing president Adly Mansour also gave an address, saying that the state was able, despite the challenges, to implement the roadmap that it put in place in July, adding that he is confident that after the passing of the constitution and the election of the president, the roadmap will be complete with the election of parliament.


Mansour addressed Sisi, saying that the people chose him in fair elections out of gratitude for his role in protecting the nation and confidence in his ability to impose security and live up to their aspirations.


Following their speeches Sisi and Mansour signed a “transition of power document” to mark the start of Sisi’s term and the end of Mansour’s transitional tenure.


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