7 am Movement marches in Fayoum

A Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group widely known as the 7 am Movement protested in Fayoum on Sunday, marching against what they call a military coup orchestrated by Egypt’s new president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The protesters, mostly women, marched from Qasr al-Gebaly to Shawashna, according to state-owned news site EgyNews.

According to the news portal, most of the demonstrators came from the village of Kafr Hareet and carried posters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi during the march.

The 7 am Movement launched last November in protest against what they call the military coup that deposed the former president. The movement first appeared in Alexandria with plans to spread across other Egyptian governorates through their Facebook page.

Last December, a month after their formation, 21 group members were sentences to 11 to 15 years in prison based on charges of blocking a street in Alexandria and throwing rocks at passersby.  

Later, the original sentence was annulled and some defendants were given one-year suspended imprisonment. Seven others under the age of 18 were acquitted.   


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