Sohag court sentences MB member to life in prison, 7 others to 10 years

Sohag Criminal Court sentenced one member of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group to life in prison, with seven others receiving 10-year sentences on Thursday, the state owned Middle East News Agency reported.

13 Brotherhood members were also sentenced to five years in jail, with four members of the group receiving three-year sentences, and the remaining three convicted sentenced to one year in prison. Ten other defendants were acquitted.

The accused were arrested in the wake of the violent dispersal of two Brotherhood protest camps in Rabea al-Adaweya and Nahda squares, which left hundreds of the group’s supporters dead.

They were detained on charges of joining a terrorist organization, inciting civil disobedience, calling for the downfall of state institutions, blocking roads and organizing protests in violation of the Protest Law.

The sentence comes following similar court rulings against members of the banned organization. In a similar ruling this week, Fayoum Criminal Court sentenced 28 members of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood group to life on Monday, imprisoning 15 others for three years.

Minya Criminal Court also recently issued two mass death sentences to supporters of the Brotherhood, which caused uproar both nationally and internationally.

A report issued last week by WikiThawra, an independent online portal that aims to document the events of the January 25 revolution since 2011, revealed that 41,163 people have been detained or prosecuted since the removal of former President Mohamed Morsi in July.

According to the report, 53 have died in custody since the military-backed ouster. Several individual cases of abuse and torture inside prisons have also surfaced. Prisoners complain of overcrowded cells, deprivation of their basic rights — such as sports and family visits – as well as physical assaults.


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