Morsi urges perseverance, says Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood Press Office in London sent out a message Thursday that it says is from former President Mohamed Morsi, who is currently being held in custody while standing trial in numerous cases.

The message, signed by “Mohamed Morsi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt,” is addressed to “all persevering men and women of the revolution” and the “proud and patriotic people of Egypt.” It instructs them to “tread the path of [their] peaceful revolution steady as mountains, with steely resolve and steadfast determination.”

An “overwhelming majority of the people” showed the world “the deafening silence of their positive boycott of the illegitimate election that aimed to put the coup leader more effectively in power,” the statement says, adding, “The putschists wished for a deluded nation, but were shocked and humiliated by Egyptians’ awareness and resilience.”

Turning to his own legacy, Morsi admits he may have committed some mistakes but says that he “never betrayed” Egypt.

“As God is my witness, I never spared any effort in fighting corruption and criminality, through legal procedures and revolutionary actions. I was right. And I was wrong. But I never betrayed you or this homeland, and I never will. I spent long years of my life facing up to corruption and crimes, and I will continue to do so for as long as I live.”

The message says that “all free nations have not recognised this criminal putschist regime” and that “no free nation in the whole world will recognise any false procedures or actions based on this falsehood.”


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