Interior minister heads security raid in Qalyubiya

Interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim headed a raid earlier on Sunday in Qalyubiya.

During the raid, 15 assailants were arrested, on charges of theft and murder, in addition to 10 convicts who reportedly escaped prison during the January 25 uprising in 2011. 

Firearms were confiscated during the raid, in addition to ammunition, two and a half kilograms of hashish and 850 grams of heroin.

In a press conference in May, Ibrahim stated that around 700 arrests took place in the previous month as part of the ministry’s crackdown on terrorist cells. Those apprehended where reportedly involved in attacks on police stations, violence against security forces or managed online pages that spoke out against the ministry and police forces.

A failed assassination attempt took place last September against Ibrahim. The bomb targeted the minister’s convoy and injured 22 people. Ibrahim held on to his post following a cabinet shuffle after the military ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi on July 3.


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