Head of bomb squad injured in North Sinai while defusing device

The head of a bomb squad was injured on Sunday while defusing a device in North Sinai, according to EgyNews.

Captain Essam Younis was defusing a bomb on the Sheikh Zuwayed-Rafah Road when it accidentally exploded. He was taken to hospital and civil protection forces are currently searching the area for any more explosives.

Sheikh Zuwayed has witnessed several attacks on police and military facilities and personnel since the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi. In May, a military conscript, Mohamed Gouda Hefny, was killed in an exchange of fire in Sheikh Zuwayed.

In February, a rocket was launched at Zohour military camp in Sheikh Zuwayed in northern Sinai leaving no casualties.

The region has also been the site of several military raids. 10 alleged Islamist militants were killed in January in Sheikh Zuwayed during a military raid. The following month, 23 were killed during a security operation in North Sinai as part of the military’s crackdown on armed groups in the Sinai Peninsula.   


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