April 6 Youth Movement proposes anti-Sisi campaign

The April 6 Youth Movement-Democratic Front — a splinter group from the April 6 Youth Movement — announced in a press conference on Wednesday that its position in the upcoming presidential elections would be to let members decide whether to vote for Hamdeen Sabbahi or boycott the elections.

The group announced that it would simultaneously launch a campaign titled, “Against you,” in opposition to former Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, which aims to “uncover his lies and previous positions against the revolution.” They added that the campaign is also against the return of Mubarak’s regime and the dictatorial and oppressive practices that it embodies, which they suggest would be re-enacted with Sisi’s election.

Last week, a court verdict rendered the activities of the April 6 Youth Movement and Democratic Front illegal and ordered the confiscation of all of their headquarters.

The movement was initially born in 2008 amid huge labor strikes and is widely recognized as one of the leading forces behind the 2011 uprising. However, it has experienced several rifts and splits since over differences of opinion, with the Democratic Front forming separately to the main group.

The April 6 Youth Movement released a statement in reaction to the court verdict, claiming: “The state wants to oppress us and ban us, hoping we will turn back and leave the political arena, but our reaction is to oppose their new pharaoh at the top of our lungs and with all our might.”

April 6 founder Ahmed Maher, along with Mohamed Adel, another leading member of the movement, were sentenced to three years in prison for charges relating to unlawful protests. Member Sayed Abdallah, known as Sayed Wezza, was killed when police forces attacked protesters on the last anniversary of the January 25 revolution.

In its statement, the movement calls Sisi “Mubarak’s pupil,” and “the defender of virginity tests,” as well as “the representative of the police state,” accusing him of playing on emotions and using religion to appeal to people.

Sisi initially cooperated with the movement ahead of June 30 protests and was photographed with its leading figures following meetings.

The revolutionary socialists have also announced their opposition to Sisi and pledged their support to Sabbahi for the upcoming elections.


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