Officer shoots man posting bail at Imbaba police station

A man was shot dead inside Imbaba police station on Sunday when he went to post bail for a relative, state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

The man headed to the police station to pay a LE10,000 bail for a relative of his, who is reportedly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group. 

A scuffle broke out between the man and a low-ranking police officer, who Al-Ahram reported locked the victim up in a room inside the police station. 

Later, the officer released him and shot him three times, causing his immediate death. Central Security Forces were deployed around the police station and Imbaba General Hospital, where the victim’s body was taken. Members of the man’s family gathered around the hospital trying to break in, it but police forces prevented them from doing so.

The fight started after the police officer reportedly cross-checked the victim’s name and realized he was wanted in several cases, Al-Ahram added.

According to the state-run news portal, the low-ranking police officer is currently being investigated, and the prosecution has ordered an autopsy.   

Egypt is notorious for police brutality, especially inside police stations where torture, beatings and other forms of abuse still persist three years after the January 25 uprising.




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