Alleged Shafiq audio leak casts doubt on Sisi presidential bid

Ahmed Shafiq has questioned the wisdom of a Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ (SCAF) nomination of its top general – Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi – for the upcoming presidential elections, according to an alleged leaked phone call attributed to the former presidential candidate.

The authenticity of the sound clips attributed to Shafiq could not be independently verified. The audio clips surfaced on Wednesday, and were posted on a number of social networking sites – including on the YouTube account of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned news agency, Rassd.

The date of this phone call is not made clear, nor is it clear who Shafiq is talking to on the other line.

Shafiq, who was Hosni Mubarak’s minister of civil aviation and his last prime minister, commented that it is a “bizarre and ignorant decision” for SCAF to nominate Sisi for the presidency.

The audio clip goes on: “He (Sisi) himself said in a conference that I will not run unless the people nominate me, and the military nominates me.”

The voice believed to be that of Shafiq cast doubt on Sisi’s political experience as well as his candidacy for the presidency. The voice appears to warn that SCAF may lose credibility and popularity by nominating its top leader to the burdensome post of president.

The speaker during the call also commented that these elections would likely be rigged. “Is this the manly thing to do? Is this a fair fight?”

“I’ve pulled myself out of this situation as it likely going to be a bit farcical.”

Shafiq, who had come in second place during the mid-2012 presidential elections, had announced last year that he would not seek to nominate himself if Sisi announced his bid in the 2014 race.

Since Shafiq lost to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi in the 2012 elections, he has left Egypt and relocated with his family to the United Arab Emirates.

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